Saturday, December 31, 2011

EVD Hight Lights (2)

During the summer, EcoVidalDesign redesigned and enhanced the rain garden originally installed in 2008 with the support of the Chicago Center for Green Technology. The redesign included new “urbanite” concrete paths with an organic naturalized shape creating “rooms” in the garden and a meandering 100% permeable walkway. Contractor Andy’s Patios built the paths in two weeks reusing 100% of the existing concrete walks. Landscape designer Kim Kaulas provided advice to make the final layout. The garden now has the front entry room, the “rain garden”, the living room and outdoor eating area, the vegetable raised bed areas, the pond/hammock room and the back entry area with a composting bin. This garden has been featured in the Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project and received the 2011 Mayor’s Landscape Award 2rd place for specialized gardens. Other award winners in this category include Helen Cameron with the first certified organic restaurant in the country,">Uncommon Ground, and the Tiger & Michelle Alia Whispers Coffee & Tea. Click here to see list of winners.

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