Saturday, December 31, 2011

EVD Hight Lights (4)

During the month of November EVD was invited By Urban Works Architecture to participate in a request for proposal for a UNO elementary School in the Chicago Near North/West side at 2100 North Natchez. It was a very competitive process with 7 design/built competition selected teams on the run including Design Bridge colleagues who also developed a very interesting design. Our team was awarded the project in the middle of November and since the beginning of December, EVD is intensively participating in the Site/Urban/Landscape Design as well as the land use and zoning analysis. The project needed rezoning which was approved recently and we are moving forward into the Design Development phase with an aggressive schedule with final completion and opening of the school expected by September 2012! The Urban Works building design is absolutely stunning! Landscape architect Terry Guen and EVD are designing and planning a beautiful site/landscape plan with organic gracious curvilinear pathways, play areas and gardens that will connect the children and the community with nature in an educational, sustainable and social way. There is no doubt in my mind that this project will be the pride of many UNO families and the community in the surrounding neighborhood.

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