Tuesday, June 24, 2008

InterAmerican garden

On June 7 the entire InterAmerican community got together to celebrate the "sustainable life" curriculum we've created and plant more than 30 fruit trees donated by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation from California. We also created a rain garden designed by the 5th grade kids with the assistance of Jennifer Weber from Wolff Landscape Architecture and Carmen Vidal-Hallett. We also celebrated the final construction of the school's Chinampa Vegetable Garden, created with the assistance of the Organic School Project. The Chicago Cubs also had an important role with major funding. Jody Luna, permaculture expert, was also there. Finally, last but not least, Partners of America provided funding and volunteers and the connection with the partner states Illinois and Sao Paulo, giving this project the potential to be recreated in Sao Paulo too. Click here to see a slide show we created on the garden planting.